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Interior Materials

This is our interior material page, here you can read and compare some of our most used interior materials. It is important to keep in mind that although these are the most commonly picked materials you are not limited to this selection. If there is a particular material you'd like to incorporate into your cabinets feel free to reach out for more information.

import birch plywood

Import birch plywood

Imported from Vietnam and surrounding areas, this birch plywood is a economical plywood option that will perform well in most cabinet applications. With a smooth veneer surface it works great if you'd like a painted or clear coated cabinet interior.

White / Black Melamine

Melamine is a resin saturated decorative paper thermally fused to core panel, commonly an MDF . Although the description may be misleading, melamine provides a hard durable surface, that will outperform most paint and finishes, similar to laminate. Available in white and black, we recommend this material for office cabinets, or anywhere where humidity is low. 

White melamine
Domestic birch plywood

Domestic birch plywood

A similar plywood to the imported birch with the added distinction of a more uniform veneer core. A uniform core allows this plywood to have less weak spots and remain flatter than the imported birch. Will work great with paint but a clear coat will bring out the beautiful light colored grain of birch.

Maple plywood

Having a almost identical core as the domestic birch, maple plywood differs from birch because of its ability to take stain more uniformly, this is a great for stained cabinet interiors.

Maple plywood

Armorite / Medex

Armorite and Medex are different products but have similar characteristics, therefore used interchangeably. Similar to normal MDF these products are also made by pressing and heating small wood fibers with adhesive. What makes these products unique though is their resistance against water and humidity. Their water resistance combined with an unmatched smooth and true surface makes it great for high gloss paints and humid areas like restrooms and sinks.

White and Black cabinet liner

White and black cabinet liner is essentially a laminate laid up on plywood. Just like melamine, liner shares the same scratch resistance, with an added impact resistance as well. Since its laid up on plywood it also shares the strength and water resistance that was lacking in the melamine, making cabinet liner a great candidate for someone who is going to give their cabinets plenty of use and abuse.

White cabinet liner
Russian Birch plywood

Russian birch plywood

One of the best if not the best, locally available plywood. This ply has great, even and uniform layers making it exceptionably stable. It also comes with a thick exterior veneer, making for a more uniform look and forgiving when sanding. Because of its strength and stability this ply is used in drawer boxes, moving components, or free standing furniture.

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